Monday, December 31, 2012

The good Marx brother

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I have had a hankering for a while to see a Marx brothers movie. Today, by chance, the BoingBoing ran an ad pointing out that YouTube had a clip of Chico Marx on the piano.

I watched it, and I was wowed. My 5 year old son took time out from watching Samurai Jack to check it out, so you know it has broad appeal.

So then I searched YouTube for more Marx brothers. Sadly, I was disappointed. I found several things, but Chico's stuff was all I saw that was worth watching. Well, I found one exception: Groucho's mirror routine is pretty darn impressive.

Anyway, watch Chico.

Lungless frog species found in Indonesia

My friend Lee Ann send me a link to this, and I thought "this is just the kind of crap my readers like!" (Hello to both of you!).

It's a species of frog found in Indonesia that has no lungs - it lives in oxygen rich waters, and it just breathes through its skin.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Blog moved (again)

It should be the last time. Point your feed reader, or your bookmark, at I own the domain (of course) and I installed Wordpress so I can have more control over it.

If I ever decide to move it again, I'll just set up a redirect on my webserver so you don't have to update your bookmark or feedreader again.

I expect to be posting more often, and on more topics, since now you can set up feedreaders just for the topics you're interested in. I tried to keep this one focused on things I thought lots of people would find interesting, not just people who know me, or super-nerds.


Monday, April 06, 2009

Thank you, Holy Taco!

I saw it.

I giggled.
I chuckled.
I guffawed.
Tears came to my eyes.

This is why the internet was made.

Maybe there's some other cool crap at HolyTaco. I dunno, I saw this and had to post it immediately.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009



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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Calvin & Hobbes makes me happy

I've been reading recycled Calvin & Hobbes comics and Stumbling for ages. Every once in a while I Stumble across a copy of a C&H that I've read several times before, and I waffle about giving it a thumbs up, but always end up doing it.

Today it paid off. :-)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

iPhone Can Make Pictures Talk With Pharce

^^ Sample video from our iPhone app^^

Tell all your iPhone friends about this new Thing I Did:

Pharce is novelty software that lets iPhone users create mocking, cute, or funny videos from pictures in their iPhoto Library. Such pictures can come from photos the user takes with the iPhone, photographs they "synced" with the iPhone from their computer, or images saved from the web.

Check out the list of videos people have posted to YouTube using the app.

Once the user has selected a picture from their iPhoto Library, they draw a mouth on it and record a soundtrack. Then a blocky Monty Python-esque jaw moves along with the sound to create a movie. The user can add sound effects (including the ubiquitous iPhone fart), animations, and props.

Users can send their videos to non-iphone users, or post it on YouTube!

Use it to have your picture of little Johnny say something cute, make your dog talk, or mock your boss.

Buy it so I can be rich!

BTW, I didn't come up with the original idea or do the art. Thank Frank Jones and Frank Corrieri for that. I did write the damn thing.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terrorism makes most people stupid

Don't be most people.

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