Thursday, May 03, 2007

Looking for a job

My contract is coming to an end at my current location, so I'm starting up the job search process.

I have a couple of leads, but more is always good. Here's my resume.

If you know someone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who needs an architect, tech lead or senior developer for a Java or C++ application (I have python skills too, see the TurboGears site I built), please forward me on to them. I can work well as a part of a team, lead a team to success using agile processes, or build applications completely independently.

My rates are high. I am open to full time salaried work, but only if I can get a salary comparable to my 1099 rate or the work is just fantastic.

I am interested in relocating overseas (primarily England or near Geneva, Switzerland) but I only have mediocre Spanish and crappy German in the way of foreign language skills.

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